Top 3 for #NCBD 2/10/16

Looking for something new to try out? Check out these great picks new on shelves this week:

Jonesy #1 (of 4) (Boom! Studios) $3.99
Writer: Sam Humphries; Artist: Caitlin Rose Boyle

Synopsis: Jonesy is a self-described "cool dork" who spends her time making zines nobody reads, watching anime, and listening to riot grrrl bands and 1D simultaneously. But she has a secret nobody knows. She has the power to make people fall in love! Anyone. With anything. She's a cupid in plaid. With a Tumblr. There's only one catch-it doesn't work on herself. She's gonna have to find love the old-fashioned way, and in the meantime, figure out how to distract herself from the real emotions she inevitably has to face when her powers go wrong...

Why We Are Excited: We've been digging the work that writer Sam Humphries has been doing for Marvel lately (Star-Lord, plus some Avengers and X-Men related titles), so we are curious to see what he'll do in this creator-owned setting without any capes. Plus Jonesy sounds to be a whole lot cooler to hang out with then some fat baby with wings and a diaper.

Deadpool #7 (Marvel Comics) $9.99
Writers: Various; Artists: Various; Cover Art: Tony Moore

Synopsis: Twenty-five years ago in February 1991, the New Mutants encountered a blabber mouthed mercenary who tore through Xavier's mansion and into the very heart of the 1990s. Now, that self-same degenerate is one of the most popular heroes in the world, an Avenger, and maybe the smelliest and grossest person that tumblr swoons over. Come see how Deadpool reacts to life at the top of the world...(hint: he does not handle it well). PLUS: A full array of stories from Deadpool's new allies, the members of the Mercs for Money! Oh...and I think there is, like...some other Deadpool thing this month people are excited about? I forget what.

Why We Are Excited: It's not often that the 7th issue of a book gets selected in our Top 3, but leave it to DP to change our minds. With the movie out this weekend, this 25th Anniversary issue should be able to hold us over until opening night. It's loaded with guest writers and artist from DP's past and present, as well as this sweet cover by Tony Moore.

Batman: Harley and Ivy Deluxe Edition Hardcover (DC Comics) $24.99
Writers: Various; Artists: Various; Cover Art: Bruce Timm

Synopsis: From Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, the masterminds behind the critically acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, comes this early adventure of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, packed with hilarious hijinx and tons of action! Harley and Ivy want to take down the Batman once and for all, but first, Harley's got to prove that she has what it takes to make it as a bona fide villain in Gotham City. This new hardcover also includes tales from Batman Adventures Holiday Special #1, Batman: Gotham Knight #14, Batman and Robin Adventures #8, Batman Adventures Annual #1, Batman Adventures #1 and Batman Black and White #3.

Why We Are Excited: Paul Dini and Bruce Timm really showed us what a great duo Harley and Ivy make, possibly rivaling Harley's recent team-up with Power Girl. Add in a few more stories to this Hardcover collections than what was previously in the Softcover version and we'll have to add another space on the bookshelf for this one.

To see all the book that will be coming out this Wednesday, click the 'New Release' button on the top of the website.

Comic Books and Super Bowls

If you were like most of America, then chances are you were watching the Super Bowl last night, or at least hanging out at a Super Bowl party. This year's Super Bowl was estimated to have 3rd most watch program in American TV history. So there were a LOT of eyes that caught all the new comic book movie trailers that debuted. But just in case you aren't a football fan, or just happened to miss a trailer waiting to get more food, we've complied all the comic-book related trailers for you here. Enjoy!

Deadpool (Released: THIS Friday)

X-Men: Apocalypse (Release Date: May 27, 2016) 

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (Release Date: March 25, 2016) Spot #1

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (Release Date: March 25, 2016) Spot #2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (Release Date: June 3, 2016)

Captain America: Civil War (Release Date: May 6, 2016)

And while it was for a soft drink rather than a movie release, Coke gave us a fun little chase between two Marvel characters both wanting the last Coke Mini.

Xena: Warrior Princess #1 coming in April

Cover A by Greg Land
A possible return to TV isn't enough for the Warrior Princess. She's also looking to make her return to comics this April.

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that their comic, Xena: Warrior Princess, will be heading to store shelves very soon. Written by Genevieve Valentine with art by Ariel Medel, the series looks to continue the adventures of Xena and Gabrielle as they run into problems with Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire. This will be the first new Xena comic since her cross-over with Ash in Xena/Army of Darkness in 2008.

"After the Twilight of the Gods, the world is precariously uncertain - and Xena and Gabrielle have been missing from it for twenty-five years. Even without Livia, the power of Rome is growing: Caesar is determined to conquer by lies what he can't conquer by force, and the people at its edges know what's coming. (All roads lead to Rome, and Rome is hunting.) Xena and Gabrielle scramble to stop him before they have to wage war against a man they once called a friend. But along the way, Xena will have to confront her past against a rogue band of women warriors, and Gabrielle, whose secret visions are becoming prophecy, will have to protect Xena - at any cost."

Cover B by Jenny Frison
Writer Genevieve Valentine said in an interview with Keith Davidson in this month's Previews says that she understands the balance between comedy and drama that the TV series was known for. "But from all I've seen from Xena fans online, it's a passionate group of people who love both the goofiness and the fearlessness of what makes the show special, and I'm really excited to be exploring these characters and their world, from murderous political propaganda to heartbreak to undercover casino capers -- because it's Xena, and you can!"

Currently her TV adventures are still on hold. As it's been reported from last summer, NBC is working on a reboot with the producers of the original series (including Sam Raimi) and possible rolls for some of the original cast, although possibly not as who they originally played. But everything seems to be in pre-production still with no target as to when, or if, the reboot will actually make it to air. The original series ran for 6 season in syndication from 1995 to 2001.

Xena's comic adventures are currently scheduled to release on April 13. Check with your friendly Rick's Comic City employee if you'd like to add this series to your hold box.

'Batman: Bad Blood' Releases Today on Home Formats

Batman: Bad Blood, the latest DC's animated movie department, gets it's physical distribution release today on DVD and Blu-Ray. The movie has already been out and available to rent or purchase by digital delivery for a few weeks now.

When Batman goes missing, it will take the entire Bat “family”—including new additions Batwoman and Batwing—to keep the peace in Gotham City and unravel the mystery behind the Dark Knight’s disappearance. Featuring the voice talents Sean Maher (Nightwing), Stuart Allan (Robin), Yvonne Strahovski (Batwoman) and Gaius Charles (Batwing). Adapted by J.M. DeMatteis. Directed by Jay Oliva.


Top 3 for #NCBD 2/3/16

Looking for something new to read? Here are some great new books to try this week:

Spider-Man #1 (Marvel Comics) $3.99
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist: Sara Pichelli

Synopsis: Miles Morales has been doing the super hero thing for a while, now, but after Secret Wars, he'll be a full-fledged member of the Marvel Universe. Swinging next to The Invincible Iron Man, The Mighty Thor and the All-New Captain America as a card-carrying member of the Avengers is an adventure, but it's not all fun and games for New York City's main Spider-MAN! What happened in the eight month gap? It all starts in Spider-Man #1!

Why We Are Excited: Ultimate Spider-Man was the best selling title under Marvel's Ultimate line-up of books, so we were sad to hear the whole universe would be going away after Secret Wars. But that sad turned to glad when they said Miles would make the jump and join the regular Marvel ('616') Universe. How will he fit into a world that is familiar, but different at the same time? And in a world where Peter Parker-Spider-Man is still alive and web-slinging. Throw in that it's being written by Bendis, who not only created Miles, but the entire Ultimate Universe concept, add in Pichelli's spider-riffic art and we can't wait for this series to get into full 'swing'.

Voracious #1 (of 4) (Action Lab Comics) $4.99
Writer: Markisan Naso; Artist: Jason Muhr

Synopsis: Jurassic World meets Top Chef! Haunted by the death of his sister, Chef Nate Willner has lost his desire to cook. Forced to move back to his hometown in Utah and work at a coffee shop, Nate's life is quickly becoming a dead end. But when he unexpectedly inherits a time travel suit that takes him to the age of dinosaurs, Nate's passion for cooking is reignited! Extra-Sized Debut Issue! 64 Delicious Pages!

Why We Are Excited: Time travel can get so messy with all of it's rules. Going back in time can either help your parents meet and fall in love or constantly keep sending cyborgs intent on ending humanity. But what if someone used it for a much different reason? How would it be to taste the foods that haven't ever been available to mankind's palate? Maybe this is how the dinosaurs became extinct! They didn't go out with an asteroid, but instead with a nice honey glaze and red wine!

Captain America 75th Anniversary Vibranium Collection Hardcover (Marvel Comics) $200

Synopsis: Celebrate 75 years of the Sentinel of Liberty with this Vibranium-sized, slipcased collection of Captain America's greatest adventures from each decade - from the Golden Age, to Cap's 1950s revival, to his return after years on ice! Cap battles the Red Skull and his Sleepers, socks Hitler in the jaw, faces M.O.D.O.K. and the Secret Empire, and races against time in Baron Zemo's Bloodstone Hunt! Bucky Barnes returns as the Winter Soldier, and the Falcon steps up to wield the shield for an all-new era! Iconic tales of suspense from a score of industry legends! Collecting Captain America (1968) #169-175, #255, #445-448; Captain America (2005) #8-9, #11-14; and All-New Captain America #1-6. Plus material from Captain America Comics #1-2, #7, #10; Captain America (1954) #76-78; Tales of Suspense #72-74, #92-94; and Captain America (1968) #357-362.

Why We Are Excited: This looks to be a beautifully compiled book of Captain America through the years, including works by comic book icons like Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Steve Englehart, Sal Buscema, Roger Stern, John Bryne, Mark Waid, Ed Brubaker and many more. While the price point may not be within everyone's budget, it may be just the item to cash in those Hero Points you've been saving up for in-store!

To see more of what's out this week, click the 'New Releases' tab at the top of the site.

The Music of 'Star Trek' Performed at TPAC this Tuesday

Trek fans unite! Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek with a special concert at TPAC's Andrew Jackson Hall this Tuesday February 2, at 7:30 p.m.

Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage brings five decades of Star Trek to concert halls for the first time in this galaxy or any other.

This lavish production includes an impressive live symphony orchestra and international solo instruments. People of all ages and backgrounds will experience the franchise’s groundbreaking and wildly popular musical achievements while the most iconic Star Trek film and TV footage is simultaneously beamed in high definition to a 40-foot wide screen.

The concert will feature some of the greatest music written for the franchise including music from Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Star Trek: Insurrection, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and much more. This never-before-seen concert event is perfect for music lovers, filmgoers, science-fiction fans and anyone looking for an exciting and unique concert experience.

Tickets are still available at TPAC's website. Click here to purchase.

Doctor Who Nights at Adventure Science Center Jan 28 & 29

Time Lords and Companions unite! Make plans to hop in your TARDIS for another journey through the Who-niverse at Adventure Science Center! Explore the science behind everyone’s favorite Time Lord – Doctor Who – during Wibbly Wobbly Nights on Jan. 28 & 29!

From Cybermen to Weeping Angels to Sontarans, Doctor Who has taken the world by storm… but have you ever wondered about the science behind the show? Time travel, sonic screwdrivers, regeneration – is any of it real, or close to being real? Come to Wibbly Wobbly Nights to find out!

Thursday, Jan. 28: Wibbly Wobbly Way Late Play Date (21 and over only)  |  6:30 – 10 p.m.
Enjoy some adult-only time at Adventure Science Center in your best cosplay (friends and foes, welcome!) as you explore a fun-filled night of Doctor Who science.

Friday, Jan. 29: Wibbly Wobbly Family Night  |  6 – 9:30 p.m.
Gather the whole family and join Adventure Science Center in celebrating the fantastic world of Doctor Who! Learn to decode/write in Gallifreyan, get your commemorative glass, and show off your favorite Doctor Who costume. Children 2 & under free.

For tickets visit Adventure Science Center's website here.

Top 3 for #NCBD 1/27/16

Looking for something new to read? Here are our Top 3 picks from this week's releases to get you reading!

Old Man Logan #1 (Marvel Comics) $4.99
Writer: Jeff Lemire; Artist: Andrea Sorrentino

Synopsis: Fifty years from now, Logan -- the man who no longer calls himself Wolverine -- will have endured many atrocities: The Marvel Universe's villains will have banded together and rid the world of its heroes. Logan's closest friend, Hawkeye, will have been murdered in cold blood right before his eyes. And driven mad by the same radiation that gave him his superhuman strength, Bruce Banner will have fathered a family of hillbilly Hulks...that eventually went on to slaughter Logan's wife and two children. But now, in the present, Old Man Logan wakes up to discover himself in a world before these atrocities, before the Wasteland. And he's going to seize this opportunity and change history to ensure that his future never comes to pass...

Why We Are Excited: This series spins out from one of the more intriguing War Zones from the Secret Wars crossover, so we are excited to see it continue. Setting it in the current Marvel Universe, we see Logan taking on that ultimate time travelers paradox: If you knew what was to come, could you change it from happening?

Hellboy Winter Special 2016 (Dark Horse Comics) $3.99
Writers: Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson, Chelsea Cain, Scott Allie; Artist: Michael Walsh, Michael Avon Oeming, Tim Sale, Dave Stewart

Synopsis: Best-selling novelist Chelsea Cain writes and Michael Avon Oeming draws the first of three snowbound stories. Then Tim Sale visits Mignola's prehistoric mythology. Plus, in a lead-in to the upcoming issues of Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1953, Hellboy explores a haunted mine in the barren wastes of Wyoming.

Why We Are Excited: Mike Mignola recently announced that he would be ending Hellboy in Hell with issue #10 and plans on taking about a year long break from drawing comics. So aside from the upcoming prequel Hellboy and the B.P.R.D: 1953., it doesn't look like we will be getting a lot of Hellboy in the near future. Add in some top name talent to this book and this is a lock for our Top 3 this week.

Faith #1 (of 4) (Valiant Entertainment) $3.99
Writer: Jody Houser; Artist: Francis Portela, Marguerite Sauvage; Cover Artist: Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic

Synopsis: Faith Herbert, the psionically gifted "psiot" known as Zephyr, has been a neglected child, a pawn of the Harbinger Foundation, and a washout with the government superteam called Unity. But now she's taking control of her life and becoming the hero she's always known she can be - complete with a secret identity, a codename, and a cover assignment that routinely throws her into harm's way! But flying solo is going to be tougher than she ever thought as she uncovers a deep-rooted alien conspiracy that could destroy human civilization from the inside out! Is Faith out of her depth...or in for her biggest adventure yet!

Why We Are Excited: Faith is to the Valiant Universe what Harley Quinn is to the DC Universe, a lighter hearted take on the super-serious superhero. Faith is one of the VU's most relatable characters. She's a lot like us (comic book nerd) who happens to get powers that she's still trying to figure out. Now she's trying to make it on her own, but it may be harder than all of her comic book knowledge has prepared her for.

For the full list of comics out this week, click the 'New Release' tab at the top of the page.

'X-Files' and 'Lucifer' are on Fox Tonight

Fans still want to believe! Last night's series premiere of The X-Files looks to have drawn slightly more viewers than when the series finale aired back in 2002 (Estimated 13.5 million viewers last night vs. 13.3 for finale). The six-part series returns for Episode 2 tonight at 7pm on Fox. If you missed Episode 1, I'm sure you can find it on any number of streaming services. Fans of the original series may also get a laugh out of Mulder and Scully's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple of week ago:

Then stick around after The X-Files tonight for the series premiere of Lucifer at 8pm. Based on the Vertigo comic of the same name, the series stars Tom Ellis as the devil, who has tired of life in Hell and materializes in Los Angeles to try something new.

'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Premiers Tonight on CW

Tonight will be the one-hour premier of DC's latest spin-off of the popular Arrow and Flash TV shows, DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Time traveler Rip Hunter gathers a band of heroes and villains together to jump through the time stream and try and stop the immortal Vandal Savage from world domination.

It all starts tonight at 7pm on the CW.

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses with Nashville Symphony Jan 21-22

Back by popular demand, the Nashville Symphony will conduct "The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses" at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center this Thursday and Friday, January 21st and 22nd. Relive all the excitement and adventure of The Legend of Zelda in this multimedia spectacle, featuring 28 years of music from Nintendo’s video game series performed live by your Nashville Symphony while your favorite Zelda videos are projected in HD on the big screen.

Arrive before the concert for gaming activities in the lobby provided by the Nashville chapter of the International Game Developers Association. Zelda cos-playing is also encouraged!

For tickets, click here.

Captain America & Agent Carter Team-Up Tonight on ABC

ABC has your night covered in comic book goodness tonight!

First, at 7pm, catch Marvel's Captain America: 75 Heroic Years. This one-hour special recounts the origin and rise of Captain America from 1941 to today, covering his comic book adventures to his current on screen movie success. With interviews from Stan Lee, Joe Quesada, Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Jeph Loeb, Louis D'Esposito, Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell.

Then at 8pm, the second season of Marvel's Agent Carter returns tonight with a 2-hour premiere event. This season Peggy is in a new sort of spotlight as she heads out west to California to solve an unusual homicide with the West Coast branch of SSR.

It all starts tonight at 7pm on ABC. 

Top 3 for #NCBD 1/20/16

Need something new to read? Here are 3 great new books out this week that you might want to check out:

American Monster #1 (Aftershock Comics) $3.99
Writer: Brian Azzarello; Artist: Juan Doe

Synopsis: In a small Midwestern town, a large man with a horribly scarred face gets off a bus, and takes a room. He spooks the locals--nobody knows him--or do they? It's impossible to say because he seemingly has no face. The man's intentions remain unknown, until he takes on a corrupt sheriff and the rural crew of racist arms dealers. The town's impression of the man changes, and he's seen as a hero...until his real intentions bubble to the surface. The man isn't there to end the gang, but to take it over. And he's just getting started.

Why We Are Excited: The synopsis lets us know that there will be plenty of twists and turns to this story. Nothing will be what it seems on the 'face'. Azzarello's 100 Bullets showed us that he can write some great crime comics, so we are pumped to see where he will go with this brand new series.

Devolution #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) $3.99
Writer: Rick Remender; Artist: Jonathan Wayshak; Cover Art: Jae Lee

Synopsis: Every living creature on Earth has been devolved - the evolutionary clock turned back, reverting all life to odd mutations and prehistoric incarnations. The cities of man are little more than bloody territories ruthlessly dominated by tribal Neanderthals ruling from the backs of mammoths, packs of saber-toothed tigers, and giant man-eating insects. Writer Rick Remender (Black Science, Fear Agent) and artist Jon Wayshak (The Authority) take you on a journey with the last band of "Still Sapien" humans in the hope of locating an antidote and re-evolving the human race.

Why We Are Excited: Most of us at the shop agree that some of Remender's best work is when he's working outside of the tights and spandex world. This book looks to be another example of that opinion. High science meets great art. Plus previously extinct animals from the Ice Age! Yes, please!

Man Plus #1 (Titan Comics) $3.99
Writer & Artist: André Araujo

Synopsis: Welcome to Olissipo City - a shimmering metropolis where technology rules with a heavy hand, cyborg strike teams are commonplace, and the lines between man and machine grow hazier every day. From artist/writer André Lima Araújo (Avengers AI, Ultimate FF, Age of Apocalypse) comes this high-octane dystopian thriller that whisks the reader into the thick of a robotic skirmish and the unsettling conspiracy that lies at its heart…

Why We Are Excited: Like a good wine pairing, Man Plus feels like the perfect counter balance to our other pick Devolution. But instead of our society regressing to Neanderthals, this series sees humanity further blurring the line between man and machine. As man becomes more accustomed to using technology and machines, what does it really mean to be human anymore?

For the full list of new comics coming out, click the 'New Release' tab at the top of the home page.

Comic Crypt Podcast Episode #46

Season two of Comic Crypt begins with this super sized episode! Rev. Jay & feildmouse catch up with their reviews, look ahead to comic book TV shows this year, & discover the worst line of toys ever!

Click here to check out the weekly audio podcast co-hosted by Rick Comic City Nashville's very own James "feildmouse" Hughey. NSFW!

Nerd Things To Do This Weekend

If you are looking to be social AND nerdy this weekend, here are a couple of choices for you to partake in this weekend:

M.A.C.K. (Murfreesboro Anime & Comic Konvention)
When: Saturday 1/16 10a-5p, Sunday 1/17 11a-4p

Where: Clarion Inn, 2227 Old Fort Pkwy, Murfreesboro TN 37129

Admission Price: $10/person. Kids under 10 Free on Sunday with paid adult. Discounts available for Military, Police, Firemen, and MTSU students with ID.

Guests Include: Voice Actor Louise Dorsey; Actor John Pyka; Writers Robert J Schwalb, D. Allen Lewis and Jeff Thompson; Artists Billy Martinez, Nathan Massengill, Kevin Stokes, Sam Payne; Wrestlers Hammerjack, Shane Williams, Ali Shabazz, Arrick Andrews, and Lekisha Oliver

Plus several dealers on hand ready to sell what you are looking for.

For more info, check out their website here.

Stand-up Comedy with Chris Hardwick

When: Thursday 1/14 to Saturday 1/16

Where: Zanies Nashville, 2025 8th Ave S, Nashville TN 37204

Admission Price: $30/person

He's the host of Talking Dead and @midnight, plus the founder of and The Nerdist Podcast. You may also recognize him from his past works on Attack of the Show, Web SoupBack to the Barnyard, Sanjay & Craig or Singled Out. Regardless of how you know him, his standup is worth checking out (see his last special Mandroid and judge for yourself). Plus, he grew up in Tennessee (Memphis) so it's almost like a homecoming for him!

For tickets, visit the Zanies website here.

Holy Anniversary, Batman!

It was on this date, January 12, 1966, that America saw the premier of Batman, starring Adam West and Burt Ward in the Episode "Hi Diddle Riddle". With villains like The Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, Mr Freeze, King Tut, Egghead and many more, The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder stayed busy keeping Gotham City safe week in and week out, for all 120 episodes during it's 3 seasons on the air at ABC.

Happy 50th Anniversary, Batman! Thanks for the memories!

Top 3 for #NCBD 1/13/16

Here's what we are excited for that's coming out this week:

Walking Dead #150 (Image Comics) $2.99
Writer: Robert Kirkman; Artist: Charlie Adlard

Synopsis: In the 150th issue, Rick Grimes finds himself... BETRAYED. Special extra-sized Anniversary Issue--40 pages for only $2.99!

Why We Are Excited: It's the comic book (and TV show for that matter) that constantly seems to defy the norm: the longer they go on, the better it seems to get. Twelve and a half years after issue #1 launched and the series still continues to find new fans while keeping the original fans as interested and invested as ever. Happy 150th issue (that's a rare thing to say in today's comic book world)! We can't wait to see what happens to Rick and Company for many more years to come! As long as it's not that alien invasion Kirkman has joked about in the letters pages...

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #0 (Boom!) $3.99
Writers: Kyle Higgins, Mairghread Scott; Artists: Daniel Bayliss, Hendry Prasetya; Cover Artist: Goni Montes

Synopsis: It's Morphin Time! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers make their BOOM! Studios comic debut in this kick-off #0 issue that sets the stage for the rest of the series. After escaping Rita Repulsa's mind control, Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, joins up with the rest of the Power Rangers to combat her never-ending evil plans. Any semblance of a normal life is gone for Tommy now, but with his newfound family there lies hope for a brighter path. Includes the short story from the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics!

Why We Are Excited: The original Rangers are back! There have been several teams over the years, but none were as great as when Tommy, Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Zack and Trini were in control of their Dino Zords and putting a stop to Rita's evil plans. And if having the original Rangers back isn't enough to satisfy you, you have to check out the amazing covers for each Ranger by Goni Montes. It's Morphin' Time!

Secret Wars #9 (Marvel Comics) $4.99
Writer: Jonathan Hickman; Artist: Esad Ribic; Cover Artist: Alex Ross

Synopsis: GENESIS!

Why We Are Excited: It's finally here! After SEVERAL months of delays and even adding an extra 9th issue to this crossover miniseries, the final Secret Wars book is hitting our store shelves. And while the weekly comic buyers will complain for a little while about how long it took to get to this issue, all will be forgiven and forgotten over time (hey, this isn't the first late comic book ever) if the story remains strong and wraps up fittingly. Plus, now we can see how this universe became Marvel's All-New All-Different world of re-launched books that have been filling the shelves the last couple of months. If you've already forgotten what happened, or need a refresher of the storyline, Marvel released a nice re-cap video to help. We've posted it below, but please be aware that there are several SPOILERS in this video, so if you haven't caught up with your reading, wait to check out this video.

New Teaser Trailer for Marvel's Daredevil Season 2 Drops

Earlier today Marvel and Netflix released a new teaser trailer for Daredevil's upcoming second season. While we didn't get any new images and most of the dialogue is pulled from Season 1, we did get on official release date! Check it out below:

Marvel's Daredevil returns to Netfilx March 18th.

In-Store Signing Today @ Rick's Comic City Nashville

Meet Artist Jason Themm and Writer Lou Frontier at an in-store signing at our Nashville store TODAY from 10a-3p.

This creative duo are the team behind the indy comic Wicker, from Insane Comics. They will be here in store selling and signing copies of their book and chatting with whoever wants to stop by.

While they are here, ask them about what to expect from their horror series Wicker, what it's like working at Insane Comics or any other questions you can think of!

About Wicker: Wicker is an episodic historical horror series set throughout out three centuries and follows the generational woes of a cursed family as they deal with being claimed by The Wicker Witch, in Andover, MA. Terror ensues through horrific tales of creation, revenge, atonement, and the legacy of the Wicker Witch.

Top 3 for #NCBD 1/6/16

Here's some great new books to get you reading this week at Rick's Comic City:

Spider-Man/Deadpool #1 (Marvel Comics) $3.99
Writer: Joe Kelly; Artist: Ed McGuinness

Synopsis: The Webbed Wonder and the Merc with a Mouth are teaming up for their first ongoing series EVER! It's action, adventure and just a smattering of (b)romance in this episodic epic featuring the WORLD'S GREATEST SUPER HERO and the star of the WORLD'S GREATEST COMICS MAGAZINE. Talk about a REAL dynamic duo!

Why We Are Excited: The advertising push for the upcoming Deadpool movie has us looking for more of the Merc (even if we had to watch The Bachelor to see a new trailer...I mean A FRIEND did, not me...). But now you team him up with Marvel's favorite Wall-crawler, just sit back and watch as the quips go flying by! Fun will be had and fourth walls will be broken!

Swamp Thing #1 (of 6) (DC Comics) $2.99
Writer: Len Wein; Artist Kelley Jones

Synopsis: Swamp Thing returns in an all-new series written by his co-creator, legendary writer Len Wein! Swamp Thing has received an ominous warning, and now he finds himself under attack from the forces of dark magic. These are more than just your average monsters-and there's something much worse looming on the horizon for Alec Holland!

Why We Are Excited: Len Wein returns to the monster he helped create! Add in that dark & moody art Kelley Jones was know for using on Batman to bring this world to life and we are sold! However, in the end, we might be sad that this is only a 6-issue miniseries...

Lone Wolf 2100 #1 (of 4) (Dark Horse) $3.99
Writer: Eric Heisserer; Artist: Miguel Sepulveda

Synopsis: 2100 CE. A devastating manmade plague is turning the human race into cannibalistic monsters known as the Thrall. But there is hope: young Daisy Ogami's blood holds the secret to a cure--if Itto, her android protector, can get her to a place where it can be extracted!

Why We Are Excited: It's a futuristic setting and take on the great Lone Wolf and Cub series. This series may actually be a bit scarier as the Thrall sound similar to the zombies from the Will Smith movie I Am Legend than just a gang of samurai's hunting down our protagonist. Either way, our swords can't be put away until they taste blood...or this comic. Either one.

To see this and more new comics, click on the 'New Release' section at the top of the website. 

Top 3 for #NCBD 12/30/15

Here's our picks of the coolest new stuff out this week:

Obi-Wan & Anakin #1 (of 5) (Marvel Comics) $3.99
Writer: Charles Soule; Artist: Marco Checchetto

Synopsis: Before their military heroism in the Clone Wars, before their tragic battle on Mustafar, and many decades before their final confrontation on the Death Star...they were Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan learner, Anakin Skywalker. It's been a few years since Obi-Wan pledged to train the young "chosen one," but even as they have grown closer through training, it has been a difficult road. Now, called to a remote planet for assistance, Master and Padawan may be pushed to the breaking point.

Why We Are Excited: The new movie has us jazzed for anything Star Wars again. And honestly, we never really saw these 2 at their best and working together in the Prequel movies before Anakin got lured to the Dark Side. So there is plenty of room for Soule and Checchetto to tell us a great Master/Pupil story and not step on the toes of movie continuity.

Deadpool & Cable: Split Second #1 (of 3) (Marvel Comics) $4.99
Writer: Fabian Nicieza; Artist: Reilly Brown

Synopsis: Call them a duo with a special kind of them the odd couple but with them 90s comics distilled down into two characters-DEADPOOL AND CABLE ARE BACK, BABY! That's right-The Merc with the Mouth and the Soldier with the Scowl are together again in this all-new series! When Cable gets a vision of a terrible future set off by the death of one man, he knows he must protect him no matter what! I'll get you three guesses who's been hired to kill that guy. Go on, guess. The fan favorite team of Fabian Nicieza & Reilly Brown have reunited to get the gang back together-and it feels so good!

Why We Are Excited: Fabian Nicieza knows these characters well. He wrote all 50 issues of the original Cable & Deadpool series from 2004. James from RCC Nashville says that run was his favorite stories for both of these characters, which is high praise given that Cable is his favorite superhero. So we are pretty stoked to see what further trouble these 2 can get into, even if it's just for a short 3-issue miniseries.

DC Comics Black Canary Bishoujo Statue (Kotobukiya) $69.99

Description: Kotobukiya proudly presents the next entry in its lineup of Bishoujo statues based on the Super Heroes and Villains of DC Comics with the long-awaited Black Canary! Based on a new character interpretation by Shunya Yamashita, Black Canary has never looked better! She wears her classic costume, complete with leather jacket and fishnet stockings. Standing nearly 9-1/2" tall in 1/7 scale as our heroine stretches her arms up and over her head.

Why We Are Excited: It feels like it's been a while since we've gotten our last Bishoujo statue. And this great looking Black Canary would be a great to add to our shelf along with the rest of this series great PVC statues.

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Guess Who's Back? MST3K and Us!

Sorry for the long delay in posts everyone! Between the holidays and a little Ultron demon popping up in our webguy's tech, we haven't gotten a new post out in way too long. But now we're back and ready to post some more comic book goodness your way!

And while we were gone, did you happen to hear that Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be returning as well? After a VERY successful Kickstarter campaign, series creator Joel Hodgson announced last week that they raised enough money to shoot 14 new episodes!

They also announced who they have tentatively cast in each role of the new series (barring any contract issues, as none could officially sign on until after the Kickstarter deal was complete). We'll have not one, but TWO new Mad Scientists with comedian Patton Oswald (King of Queens, Caprica) AND Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog). And those new Mads will also have a new target to try and break with the worst movies they can find. Jonah Ray (The Meltdown, Nerdist Podcast) will be the new human, with upcoming comedians Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn filling in the robot shoes of Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.

No network has officially been announced as the new home for the next incarnation of the show just yet, but it seems like a slam dunk, easy sell to any network executive. Look for more info within the next year as everything starts coming together and getting finalized.

Top 3 for #NCBD 11/18/15

Here's the Top 3 new items we are most excited for on New Comic Book Day this week:

Star Wars: Vader Down #1 (Marvel Comics) $4.99
Writer: Jason Aaron ; Artist: Mike Deodato ; Cover: Mark Brooks

Synopsis: When Darth Vader accidentally finds himself facing off against the Rebel Fleet on his own, the rebels will learn the true strength of the Dark Side of the Force! Once Vader crashes on a nearby planet, the Rebellion is willing to risk everything for this once-in-a-lifetime chance to take out one of their biggest enemies! Luke! Vader! Leia! Aphra! Han! Chewie! And all manner of Droid, good and evil!

Why We Are Excited: It's Vader unleashed! We are about to see why he is the most feared person in the Galaxy. And alone with his back against the wall...we can't wait to see him tap into all the hate and anger the Dark Side wants. This one-shot begins the crossover that will continue in both the Star Wars and Darth Vader books the next few issues. 

Hero Hourly #1 (of 3) (21 Pulp Comics) $3.99
Writer: James Patrick ; Artist: Carlos Trigo; Cover: David Dumeer

Synopsis: Welcome to Hero Hourly! If Saul thought that working as a superhero would be any different than asking if you want fries with that, he was mistaken. Now he has to deal with bad pay, passive-aggressive bosses, and work politics. Well, we all have to start somewhere...

Why We Are Excited: Most of us hate our jobs, but love superheroes. But what if your job was being a superhero? Could we hate that? We're hoping this series has just the right mix of humor similar to The Tick and The Office so that we can finally have our answer!

Batman: Europa #1 (of 4) (DC Comics) $4.99
Writer: Matteo Casali, Brian Azzarello; Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jim Lee; Cover: Jim Lee

Synopsis: The impossible has happened and Batman is on the verge of being taken down by an enemy he cannot defeat: a virus for which there is no cure! And the only hope for his salvation is The Joker! Who infected Batman, what does the Clown Prince of Crime know, and how will the Dark Knight get that information? Together, the enemies crisscross Europe, desperate to find answers before time runs out. This first issue is pencilled and inked by none other than Jim Lee!

Why We Are Excited: Batman. Joker. Virus. Casali. Azzarello. Lee. Do we need to say any more?? I didn't think so. 

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Comic Crypt Podcast Episode #40

Fallout fever nearly derails this week’s Comic Crypt, but the diabolical duo gets back on track with last week’s reads, hating on fans, what to get this week, and everything else you love about this podcast.  Plus, we announce the winner of our contest, listen to find out if you won!

Click here to check out the weekly audio podcast co-hosted by Rick Comic City Nashville's very own James "fieldmouse" Hughey. NSFW!

Top 3 for #NCBD 11/11/15

Here's the Top 3 new items we are most excited for on New Comic Book Day this week:

Last Sons of America #1 (Boom! Studios) $3.99
Writer: Philip Kennedy Johnson; Artist: Matthew Dow Smith; Cover: Tonci Zonjic

Synopsis: When a biological terrorist attack makes it impossible for anyone in America to conceive children, adoption of kids from other counties explodes. Brothers Jackie and Julian are adoption agents based in Nicaragua. They usually do all their options through legal means, but they're facing increasing competition from straight-up kidnappers. One desperate move from Jackie could put them in the cross-hairs of some very dangerous people.

Why We Are Excited: We've all seen sci-fi stories where a smart bomb gets dropped and takes out all the electronics and the devastation that could lead to. But what if that bomb took something from us that's far more crucial to survive? The movie Children of Men captivated us like few others have. We are hoping that this comic with a similar theme can hook us in the same way.

DC Comics Super Plush Pets: Dex-Starr and Streaky (DC Collectibles) $14.95 each

What They Are: How do you like your Super-Pets: sweet or vicious? You can take your pick with these new, fun, 9 inch plush figures of Red Lantern Dex-Starr and Supergirl's faithful pet Streaky the Super-Cat! Better yet, why not get both?

Why We Are Excited: Until they announced it, these plush animals weren't even something that we knew we wanted. But now that they do exist, we can't wait to collect them all! Get both cats in store Wednesday, while the next wave of critters announced to be released will be Krypto the Super-Dog and Captain Marvel's Hoppy.

Superman: American Alien #1 (of 7) (DC Comics) $3.99
Writer: Max Landis; Artist: Nick Dragotta; Cover: Ryan Sook

Synopsis: Screenwriter and Eisner Award nominee Max Landis brings you this miniseries chronicling the life of Clark Kent and his development into the archetypal hero he will eventually become. But these are not the stories of the iconic "Superman" as you know him, but of the Kansas farm-boy before he becomes the Man of Steel. In this first issue, superstar artist Nick Dragotta illustrates the story of Jonathan and Martha Kent as they struggle to deal with their 12-year-old son's latest quirk-he's been floating up into the air, sometimes hundreds of feet!

Why We Are Excited: Max Landis has a very deep love for Superman. Don't believe us? If you have 15 minutes, check out his video below with his epic retelling of the Death and Return of Superman. While some of it may seem extremely critical and cynical of what was done to the character, deep down you can tell that the passion comes from a deep love. So we are excited to see what he does with his chance to tell this story of how Clark grew into becoming something super.

Max Landis describes the Death and Return of Superman (NSFW):

Pre-Order: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0, available NOW to Pre-order in this month's Previews!

The Power Rangers are a true multi-generational, worldwide franchise. With its flashy costumes, Mecha-Zords, and-at its core-a story of superpowered teens who fight against evil alien forces, the Power Rangers are a pop-culture phenomenon that has continued to resonate with fans for over 20 years. As a new film gets ready for release in 2017, Boom! Studios is excited to produce a new Power Rangers comic featuring the characters of the original Mighty Morphin series!

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers make their BOOM! Studios comic debut in this kick-off #0 issue that sets the stage for the rest of the series. After escaping Rita Repulsa's mind control, Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, joins up with the rest of the Power Rangers to combat her never-ending evil plans. Any semblance of a normal life is gone for Tommy now, but with his newfound family there lies hope for a brighter path.

This #0 will have 5 variant covers, one for each of the core original team, as seen above. Inside, this issue will also include the short story from the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic.

Writers: Kyle Higgins and Mairghread Scott
Artists: Hendry Prasetya and Daniel Bayliss
Covers: Goni Montes
Expected Release Date: 1/13/16
Cover Price: $3.99

Ask any of your favorite staff members of Rick's Comic City to pre-order this item just for you from the November Previews Catalog. Pre-order BEFORE November 18, 2015 to ensure you can get your comic as soon as it's released, especially if you are wanting multiple copies to collect all the covers! You may also now add this title to your hold box to make sure you don't miss a single issue.

Pre-order: Batman The Animated Series Joker Resin Bust

Available NOW to Pre-order in this month's Previews!

Fans of Batman: The Animated Series won't want to miss this great collectible!

The Clown Prince of Crime joins Diamond Select Toy's line of resin busts based on Batman: The Animated Series! With a fan of cards in one hand and a toy pistol in the other, this bust of The Joker is not just playing around, and is a spot-on representation of the character as he appears in the classic animated series. Measuring approximately 6 inches tall, this resin bust is packaged in a full-color window box, with a certificate of authenticity. Limited to 3,000 pieces! Sculpted by Varner Studios.

Available: March 2016
Price: $59.99

Ask any of your favorite staff members of Rick's Comic City to pre-order this item just for you from the November Previews Catalog. Hold box members get 20% off the listed price if you pre-order. Down payment and pre-pay plans available for all pre-order items. Pre-order must be made BEFORE November 18, 2015.

Comic Crypt Podcast Episode #39

Comic Crypt welcomes another member of the extended fieldmouse family: Axel “3D” Darkness (a.k.a. fieldmouse’s brother). They talk Godzilla, Deadpool, and 3D’s web comic, Vinyl Comedy Theater.

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Top 3 for #NCBD 11/4/15

Here's the Top 3 new items we are excited for on New Comic Book Day this week:

James Bond #1 (Dynamite) $3.99
Writer: Warren Ellis; Artist: Jason Masters; Cover: Dom Reardon

Synopsis: Beginning "VARGR", the first story in the ongoing James Bond comic series by best-selling writer Warren Ellis! James Bond returns to London after a mission of vengeance in Helsinki, to take up the workload of a fallen 00 Section agent.  But something evil is moving through the back streets of the city, and sinister plans are being laid for Bond in Berlin...

Why We Are Excited: This releases the same week as the new Bond movie Spectre, so we just can't say Dr No to it. Add in the fact that this is the first new Bond comic For Your Eyes Only in 20 years, and it's being written by The Man With the Golden Gun Warren Ellis and our excitement level won't Die Another Day. (Sorry for all the Bond puns, but You Only Live Twice! I'm really done.) -From Russia With Love, RCC Webguy.

Klaus #1 (Boom!) $3.99
Writer: Grant Morrison; Artist: Dan Mora; Cover: Frazer Irving, Dan Mora

Synopsis: Set in a dark fantastic past of myth and magic, Klaus tells the story of how Santa Claus really came to be. Where did he begin? What was he like when he was young? Why does he do what he does? How does he do what he does? And what happens when he faces his greatest challenge? Drawing on Santa Claus' wilder roots in Viking lore and Siberian shamanism-taking in the creepier side of Christmas, and characters like the sinister Krampus-Klaus, this is a "Santa Claus: Year One."

Why We Are Excited: Writer Grant Morrison has a knack for finding something new and untold, even with older characters and titles like Batman, X-Men and Swamp Thing. Now he takes on the oldest character in the world! Dab in some Viking lore, and we are ready to read this instead of How The Grinch Stole Christmas this holiday season!

Monstress #1 (Image) $4.99
Writer: Marjorie M. Liu; Artist: Sana Takeda

Synopsis: Steampunk meets Kaiju in this original fantasy epic for mature readers, as young Maika risks everything to control her psychic link with a monster of tremendous power, placing her in the center of a devastating war between human and otherworldly forces.

Why We Are Excited: Imagining a world of Kaiju and Steampunk in the art style of Sana Takeda should be enough to make us want to check this first issue out. Add in the fact that it's a triple-sized, 66-page, no-ad first book and we can't wait to be transported to this new world.

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'Preacher' TV Trailer Debuted Last Night in 'The Walking Dead'

What better way to end your Halloween weekend than with a new 90-minute episode of The Walking Dead? Well AMC upped the ante last night and premiered the trailer for their upcoming new TV series, Preacher.

Based on the Vertigo comic of the same name, Preacher, created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, tells the story of Jesse Custer, a preacher in the small Texas town. After his entire congregation is killed and his church destroyed with no memory of how it happened, Custer goes on a journey across the United States attempting to literally find God, who seems to have recently abandoned Heaven. He is eventually joined by his gun-toting ex-girlfriend and an Irish vampire.

Sounds like that's up you alley? Here's the first trailer:

Preacher, produced by Seth Rogen and Even Goldberg, is expected to debut on AMC sometime in mid-2016.
Can't wait that long? We have all the Preacher comics in Trade Paperback, and a few Hardcovers in stock at Rick's Comic City. 

Halloween ComicFest is Today!

Don't forget! Halloween ComicFest is today!
We'll have FREE COMICS, a bonus table full of redeemable items for every $10 spent, and CANDY!

Happy Halloween!

Geek Media Expo 2015 This Weekend in Nashville

The Geek Media Expo, or GMX, returns this weekend for their annual convention at the Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, TN this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Guests this year include: Bob Bergen (Looney Tunes), Jason Marsden (Step By Step, Goofy Movie), Samantha Newark (Jem and the Holograms cartoon), Robert J. Schwalb (D&D writer), and the guys from CinemaSins on YouTube.

For tickets and more information, visit there website here.

On TV: 'Ash vs Evil Dead' Premieres Halloween Night

So Bruce Campbell wasn't telling us an Ash-like tale when he told the Nashville crowd at Wizard World 3 years ago that more Ash was on the way. Although he later changed his announcement (our guess: he wasn't supposed to mention it yet), here we are with 10 episodes of Evil Dead heading our way starting Halloween night! Wonder what it looks like? Wonder no more! Here's the first 4 minutes of the show now (PS: video is NSFW):

Ash vs Evil Dead premieres Saturday night at 8pm on Starz. Have a Groovy Halloween!

Can't get enough Ash? Check out our Digital Comics Store for a huge sale on all things Evil Dead/Army of Darkness. Click the banner below to see what's available. Sale ends 11/2/15.

Halloween Comicfest @ Rick's Comic City

It's all treats and no tricks at Rick's Comic City this Halloween!

Much like Free Comic Book Day, we'll have some special Halloween Comicfest comics available for FREE just for stopping by.

Every $10 you spend gets you 1 ticket to redeem for items on our bonus table.

Looking for a place to show off your costume this year? Swing by so we can take your picture!

And of course, free candy!

If you stop by or not, we hope everyone has a Spooky and Happy Halloween!

Comic Crypt Podcast Episode #38

Lots of comics to talk about this week! Plus, more crazy Star Wars theories, Jessica Jones theories, and our final Halloween comic recommends! It’s also the last week to enter our contest to win Fable Cry’s latest album, “We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are” and a t-shirt!

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Top 3 for #NCBD 10/28/15

Here's the Top 3 new items we are excited for on New Comic Book Day this week:

Self Storage #1 (of 6) (451 Media) $3.99
Writer: Clay Chapman; Artist: Matt Timson

Synopsis: Chris Smith has eked by in life hocking the auctioned-off junk from those people who no longer pay the rent on their self storage units. He spends his days hopping from one storage facility to the next, bidding on units sight-unseen, only to sell whatever's inside to antique dealers and pawn shops for as much money as he can squeeze. But Chris has never found anything like what's waiting for him inside unit #83. Her name is Jessica. What if you found a zombie locked up in a self storage unit? Would you keep it?

Why We Are Excited: The premise sounds unique, The Walking Dead is back on TV, Halloween is right around the corner, and 451 really connected with us last week's with their release, Sunflower #1. All these factors put together feels like the perfect storm for this new series to be a Top of the Stack pick for us this week.

Henchgirl #1 (Scout Comics) $3.99
Writer & Artist: Kristen Gudsnuk

Synopsis: Mary Posa hates her job. She works long hours for little pay, no insurance, and, worst of all, no respect. Her coworkers are jerks and her boss doesn't appreciate her. He's also happens to be a supervillain. Cursed with a conscience, Mary would give anything to be something other than a Henchgirl!

Why We Are Excited: We've all been stuck doing a job that we thought was evil. But what if it really was for evil? This book looks to have a similar feel to Scott Pilgrim, and shows us the less glamorous, and often times, humorous side of working for The (Evil) Man.

Deathstroke Book & Mask Set (DC Comics) $29.99
Writer: Tony S. Daniel; Artists: Tony S. Daniel, Sandu Florea

Synopsis: This set includes Deathstroke Vol 1: Gods of War TPB, collecting issues #1-6, plus PVC mask. Slade Wilson's entire life is turned upside down after he learns that his involvement in a top-secret mission was wiped from his memory. Now, a new, mysterious enemy known as Odysseus has targeted Deathstroke and everyone involved in the decade-old mission. But Slade's journey into his past takes an unexpected turn, leading him to Gotham City--and into conflict with both Batman and Harley Quinn!

Why We Are Excited: Have you seen this mask?!? Continuing the book & mask sets DC has done with Batman, both with Joker and Court of Owls masks, this set looks to be in just the same quality. And we can literally count on one finger how many quality, mass-produced Deathstroke masks there are in the market. Plus, the book is already way better than the New 52 launch title was, so, bonus!

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