FOC - Final Chance for All Pre-Orders

Make sure you get the book and cover or collectible that you want before it hits the shelf! All items found at the below link are order-able by us through Previews. Most comics are just 2-3 weeks away from being released. Collectibles are typically longer with release dates on their item page. The list of comic book titles from the publishers is not finalized until Friday at 1pm each week.   Final orders are due every Monday by noon

If you would like to order anything from this link, contact us in the form below and make sure you include:

  • The location you shop at (Nashville, Clarksville, Ft Campbell or online)
  • The Previews code for that item (i.e. JUN191262)
  • The item name (i.e. ANGEL LEGACY ED GN VOL 01)

Submitting this order will ensure that the book or collectible you want isn’t sold out before you can make it in for New Comic Book Day and you get the exact item that you want.

By submitting this order, you agree to pay for and pick up this item in a timely manner (within 1-3 weeks) after it comes in for you. Shipping for these items is also available, but is not included in the cost you see listed and a quote can be sent upon request.

All variant covers we sell at cover price are available. Higher ratio variant covers (i.e. 1:25, 1:50, 1:100, etc) cannot be ordered this way.

All items are subject to last minute cancelations or delays. 

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