Hold Boxes

Get the comics you love at a discounted price!

Two Types of Hold Boxes:
  • In-Store: You come to us to get your books every week
  • Online: We mail your hold box books to you
Hold Box Benefits: discount off all new comics, trade paperbacks and most pre-order items. Discounts start the first week you pick-up!

Here are the 3 requirements to getting a Hold Box:
  1. You must have at least 5 MONTHLY TITLES that you would like to get every month. You may add and subtract from this list whenever you'd like to make a change.
  2. A $20 deposit. If WE cancel your box at any time, we keep your deposit. If YOU cancel your box, then you get that deposit back!
  3. Empty out your hold box at least once per month. We suggest at least every 2 weeks, but we know schedules can get busy. New books come out every Wednesday, so every week you should have something in your box to look forward to!

  • WE DO NOT CONTACT YOU TO REMIND YOU TO PICK UP YOUR BOX. We deal with adults and expect boxes to picked up accordingly without reminders.
  • Please, pick up your books on a regular basis. We suggest every 1-2 weeks, as new comics come out EVERY Wednesday. Comics will be held 28 days (4 weeks) between pick-ups. If you are running behind in getting your books, you can always email Rick (rickscomiccity@gmail.com) to let him know and he can make arrangements with you accordingly. We are always willing to work with you, but you have to let us know before it gets to be too late.
  • If you put a book back out on the shelf from your box without buying it simply because you do not want it anymore, or because you forgot to cancel that title, your box may be cancelled and you will lose your deposit. We buy the books you have asked us to order and we give you the discount in exchange for accurate order information. If the information you provide is not accurate because you have failed to tell us you no longer want a title, then we are not obligated to continue giving you the hold service and discount.
  • If you have not been in to get your box in 3 weeks and want to cancel a book we have held for 3 weeks, we do ask that you buy that last issue. If you are cancelling a book the week it came out, we have no problem unless it becomes a habit.
  • If at any time you are under 5 titles a month, we will ask you to add more books to you pull list. If you do not, your service may be stopped.
Contact us at rickscomiccitysales@gmail.com for more info.