Betty & Veronica #1 Out This Week With a Rick's Comic City Exclusive Variant

It's Betty vs. Veronica! The most highly-anticipated debut in comics history is here! Betty and Veronica are America's sweethearts - until they turn on each other! Pops' Chocklit Shoppe is being taken over by a huge coffee company. When Betty and Veronica go head-to-head over the issue, all bets are off! Friendships will shatter. Cities will burn. Nails will be broken. $3.99
The main two ladies of Archie's life get re-imagined in a brand new series that launches this week from Archie Comics. In the same vein as Archie by Mark Waid and Veronica Fish and Jughead by Chip Zdarsky, this new Betty & Veronica has been updated for the modern times by none other than Adam Hughes, who will be doing both the writing and art for this series.

The first issue will launch with about 25 variant covers (that's not counting store exclusive covers!) We'll have most of them in stock and both locations, so swing by early to make sure you pick up your favorite version.

And make sure you pick up the Rick's Comic City exclusive variant while you are at it too! Our cover artist for our version is by local artist and friend Sam Payne. He did a killer job and we couldn't be happier how it looks. Check it out below! Remember, you can only get this cover at Rick's Comic City in Nashville or Clarksville. If you live outside the area of our shops, contact us and we'll get one shipped out to you ASAP! Or you can use this link to our eBay store for the next 30 days to get one too!