Top 3 for #NCBD 3/16/16

Looking for something new to read? Here are some great new picks just added to the shelves this week:

International Iron Man #1 (Marvel Comics) $3.99
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist: Alex Maleev

Synopsis: Who is Tony Stark, really? Since learning that he was adopted as a baby, this question has cast a shadow over Stark's life. Now, it is time to uncover what his legacy truly is, a journey that will carry Tony into new directions as a man and as a super hero. Alongside his strange new quasi-ally Doctor Doom, Iron Man will discover new things about the Marvel Universe he didn't know existed before!

Why We Are Excited: Bendis and Maleev's run on Daredevil is arguably on of the best that character ever had, so we are excited to see them re-team and unravel the recent mystery of how Tony actually came to be a Stark.

Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1 (Boom! Studios) $3.99
Writer: Josceline Fenton; Artist: Chrystin Garland; Cover Art: Kat Leyh

Synopsis: Steven takes the Gems out for a camping trip and tells them spooky stories around the camp fire. The Gems don't give him much of a reaction, but they do tell him a spooky story of their own about a monster who turns bad Gems into glass and shatters them. Pearl assures a terrified Steven that it's just a story, but suddenly people around Beach City start turning up frozen in glass...

Why We Are Excited: The TV show has quickly become a fan favorite to many. The first mini series stayed very true to the heart of what we love about the show. So we wouldn't expect anything else from this second mini series. We're ready to go to the Beach (City)!

The Doorman #1 (of 4) (Heavy Metal Comics) $3.50
Writer: Eliot Rahal, Daniel Kibblesmith; Artist: Kendall Goode

Synopsis: Henry Clay Waters is The Doorman of Earth and hasn't had an interstellar visitor in decades until... his last day on the job when an extraterrestrial assassin darkens his doorstep. Saved by the neurotic alien Detective Flower, the two must team up to solve the galaxy's biggest mystery or get killed trying!

Why We Are Excited: Part detective mystery, part Men in Black-esqe alien protectors, The Doorman sounds like a fun adventure into finding out who protects Earth from having unwanted alien guests and/or overlords.

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