Xena: Warrior Princess #1 coming in April

Cover A by Greg Land
A possible return to TV isn't enough for the Warrior Princess. She's also looking to make her return to comics this April.

Dynamite Entertainment has announced that their comic, Xena: Warrior Princess, will be heading to store shelves very soon. Written by Genevieve Valentine with art by Ariel Medel, the series looks to continue the adventures of Xena and Gabrielle as they run into problems with Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire. This will be the first new Xena comic since her cross-over with Ash in Xena/Army of Darkness in 2008.

"After the Twilight of the Gods, the world is precariously uncertain - and Xena and Gabrielle have been missing from it for twenty-five years. Even without Livia, the power of Rome is growing: Caesar is determined to conquer by lies what he can't conquer by force, and the people at its edges know what's coming. (All roads lead to Rome, and Rome is hunting.) Xena and Gabrielle scramble to stop him before they have to wage war against a man they once called a friend. But along the way, Xena will have to confront her past against a rogue band of women warriors, and Gabrielle, whose secret visions are becoming prophecy, will have to protect Xena - at any cost."

Cover B by Jenny Frison
Writer Genevieve Valentine said in an interview with Keith Davidson in this month's Previews says that she understands the balance between comedy and drama that the TV series was known for. "But from all I've seen from Xena fans online, it's a passionate group of people who love both the goofiness and the fearlessness of what makes the show special, and I'm really excited to be exploring these characters and their world, from murderous political propaganda to heartbreak to undercover casino capers -- because it's Xena, and you can!"

Currently her TV adventures are still on hold. As it's been reported from last summer, NBC is working on a reboot with the producers of the original series (including Sam Raimi) and possible rolls for some of the original cast, although possibly not as who they originally played. But everything seems to be in pre-production still with no target as to when, or if, the reboot will actually make it to air. The original series ran for 6 season in syndication from 1995 to 2001.

Xena's comic adventures are currently scheduled to release on April 13. Check with your friendly Rick's Comic City employee if you'd like to add this series to your hold box.