Deadpool Set Records at the Box Office Last Weekend

Did you see Deadpool over the holiday weekend? If the early Box Office numbers hold true, it looks like most of you did. Currently they are estimating that the movie made $150 million in the US for the four-day weekend, plus about another $130 million internationally, for a total of $280 million. Not bad for a movie that cost $58 million to make. It should also help back off that Super Bowl spot they ran!

Some of the records that are being reported that the movie has broken are:
  • #1 opening weekend for ALL Fox Studios movies
    • (Previous #1: Star Wars: Episode III-Revenge of the Sith)
  • #1 opening weekend ever for an R-rated film
    • (Previous #1: Matrix Reloaded)
  • #1 February opening weekend
    • (Previous #1: Fifty Shades of Grey)
  • #2 opening weekend ever for an original (non-sequel) Marvel property title
    • (#1 movie is Avengers)
  • #5 opening weekend ever for a Marvel property title
    • (#1 Avengers; #2 Avengers: Age of Ultron; #3 Iron Man 3; #4 Spider-Man 3)