DC Comics Announces 'Rebirth'

At the ComicsPRO annual meeting last weekend in Portland, Oregon, DC Comics announced their latest company wide change. It's being titled "Rebirth", and DC's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns knows a little something about what that word means in the DC Universe. Johns was the writer on Green Lantern Rebirth and Flash Rebirth and wants to try a similar thing with the whole universe. Yes, they are ending what has been named "The New 52"-era, with many of the titles ending at issue #52, but "Rebirth" will not be a reboot. Instead, it will be taking what was there before, embracing it, and trying to create something new and different for each character.

The universe spanning Rebirth will begin with DC Universe: Rebirth #1 on May 25, an 80-page, $2.99 comic written by Johns with art by Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank, and Phil Jimenez. After that, all continuing titles after that will launch with their own Rebirth one-shots before getting a new #1 issue. The only exception to this will be Action Comics and Detective Comics will return to their historical numbering of #957 and #934 respectively (Which means we will eventually see a #1000 hit the stands!)

Also changing will be the price and frequency of publication for these books. All of the new comics will have a cover price of $2.99 (Remember the old motto? 'Towing the Line at $2.99!"), regardless of it's publication schedule. About 17 titles will go to a twice-monthly release (many of the better selling titles from members of the Justice League) and about 15 books that will continue as monthly books.

No creative teams have been announced yet for the new series, but expect that announcement to come next month at either C2E2 in Chicago or WonderCon in LA, both at the end of March.

Here's the full list of titles that will be returning in June and July with new #1's:
- Action Comics (with #957)
- Aquaman
- Batgirl
- Batgirl & the Birds of Prey
- Batman
- Detective Comics (with #934)
- Flash
- Green Arrow
- Green Lanterns
- Hal Jordan & the Green Lanterns
- Hellblazer
- Justice League
- Nightwing
- Red Hood & the Outlaws
- Superman
- The Super-Man
- Titans
- Wonder Woman

Later in the Fall, expect these other new titles to be released:
- Batman Beyond
- Blue Beetle
- Earth 2
- Gotham Academy: Next Semester
- Supergirl
- Superwoman
- Super Sons
- Teen Titans
- Trinity