In-Store Signing Today @ Rick's Comic City Nashville

Meet Artist Jason Themm and Writer Lou Frontier at an in-store signing at our Nashville store TODAY from 10a-3p.

This creative duo are the team behind the indy comic Wicker, from Insane Comics. They will be here in store selling and signing copies of their book and chatting with whoever wants to stop by.

While they are here, ask them about what to expect from their horror series Wicker, what it's like working at Insane Comics or any other questions you can think of!

About Wicker: Wicker is an episodic historical horror series set throughout out three centuries and follows the generational woes of a cursed family as they deal with being claimed by The Wicker Witch, in Andover, MA. Terror ensues through horrific tales of creation, revenge, atonement, and the legacy of the Wicker Witch.