Guess Who's Back? MST3K and Us!

Sorry for the long delay in posts everyone! Between the holidays and a little Ultron demon popping up in our webguy's tech, we haven't gotten a new post out in way too long. But now we're back and ready to post some more comic book goodness your way!

And while we were gone, did you happen to hear that Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be returning as well? After a VERY successful Kickstarter campaign, series creator Joel Hodgson announced last week that they raised enough money to shoot 14 new episodes!

They also announced who they have tentatively cast in each role of the new series (barring any contract issues, as none could officially sign on until after the Kickstarter deal was complete). We'll have not one, but TWO new Mad Scientists with comedian Patton Oswald (King of Queens, Caprica) AND Felicia Day (The Guild, Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog). And those new Mads will also have a new target to try and break with the worst movies they can find. Jonah Ray (The Meltdown, Nerdist Podcast) will be the new human, with upcoming comedians Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn filling in the robot shoes of Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.

No network has officially been announced as the new home for the next incarnation of the show just yet, but it seems like a slam dunk, easy sell to any network executive. Look for more info within the next year as everything starts coming together and getting finalized.