Top 3 for #NCBD 11/11/15

Here's the Top 3 new items we are most excited for on New Comic Book Day this week:

Last Sons of America #1 (Boom! Studios) $3.99
Writer: Philip Kennedy Johnson; Artist: Matthew Dow Smith; Cover: Tonci Zonjic

Synopsis: When a biological terrorist attack makes it impossible for anyone in America to conceive children, adoption of kids from other counties explodes. Brothers Jackie and Julian are adoption agents based in Nicaragua. They usually do all their options through legal means, but they're facing increasing competition from straight-up kidnappers. One desperate move from Jackie could put them in the cross-hairs of some very dangerous people.

Why We Are Excited: We've all seen sci-fi stories where a smart bomb gets dropped and takes out all the electronics and the devastation that could lead to. But what if that bomb took something from us that's far more crucial to survive? The movie Children of Men captivated us like few others have. We are hoping that this comic with a similar theme can hook us in the same way.

DC Comics Super Plush Pets: Dex-Starr and Streaky (DC Collectibles) $14.95 each

What They Are: How do you like your Super-Pets: sweet or vicious? You can take your pick with these new, fun, 9 inch plush figures of Red Lantern Dex-Starr and Supergirl's faithful pet Streaky the Super-Cat! Better yet, why not get both?

Why We Are Excited: Until they announced it, these plush animals weren't even something that we knew we wanted. But now that they do exist, we can't wait to collect them all! Get both cats in store Wednesday, while the next wave of critters announced to be released will be Krypto the Super-Dog and Captain Marvel's Hoppy.

Superman: American Alien #1 (of 7) (DC Comics) $3.99
Writer: Max Landis; Artist: Nick Dragotta; Cover: Ryan Sook

Synopsis: Screenwriter and Eisner Award nominee Max Landis brings you this miniseries chronicling the life of Clark Kent and his development into the archetypal hero he will eventually become. But these are not the stories of the iconic "Superman" as you know him, but of the Kansas farm-boy before he becomes the Man of Steel. In this first issue, superstar artist Nick Dragotta illustrates the story of Jonathan and Martha Kent as they struggle to deal with their 12-year-old son's latest quirk-he's been floating up into the air, sometimes hundreds of feet!

Why We Are Excited: Max Landis has a very deep love for Superman. Don't believe us? If you have 15 minutes, check out his video below with his epic retelling of the Death and Return of Superman. While some of it may seem extremely critical and cynical of what was done to the character, deep down you can tell that the passion comes from a deep love. So we are excited to see what he does with his chance to tell this story of how Clark grew into becoming something super.

Max Landis describes the Death and Return of Superman (NSFW):