It's Back to the Future Day!

If the date October 21, 2015 means anything to you, then you must be a Back to the Future fan. For those that aren't aware, this is the date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown visit the future in the movie Back to the Future Part II. Thirty years later, who would have guessed that same date would also be a New Comic Book Day? Lucky for us, the folks at IDW got into their Deloreans and figured it out, as this week we see the release of Back to the Future #1, which will be released on the exact day the movie went to 2015!

This 4-issue miniseries, titled "Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines" will fill in some of the questions fans have wondered about before the events of the trilogy, in between the events of the trilogy, or in alternate realities. The entire series will be overseen by the movie's creator/screenwriter Bob Gale, and will feature 2 different stories per issue. The first tale in issue #1 will be set in 1982 as we witness the first meeting between Marty McFly and Doc Brown. And the second half of the book goes back to 1943, just as Doc Brown is getting himself mixed up in the Manhattan Project.

So no matter if you plan to celebrate the day seeing the one-day re-release of Part II on select Regal cinemas, watching this spoof trailer for Jaws 19, ordering your limited edition of Pepsi Perfect online, or watching the real-life Chicago Cubs compete for the World Series title (as the Almanac told us they will win), make sure to swing by Rick's Comic City to get your copy of Back to the Future #1. Do it now, before your 'Outta Time'!