Meet Artist Eddy Decker Today from 5-7pm!

Since a very early age, Eddy has found great joy in cartooning. While constantly doodling at home and at school, four characters soon came to life on paper. He convinced his high school teachers to put what he was doing into the school paper. And this is where the comic Far Out! was born.
Nick, Jason, Franklin and Yumi are four typical teenager friends. Math tests, last minute studying, school drama and homework make up their normal day-to-day lives. But when these total opposites get together, they end up making every day an adventure! A 'Far-Out!' adventure, to be exact.
Wanting to continue the strip after high school, Eddy then turned the series into a web comic. He has also created the first print volume of the series, entitled The 8th Grade, as an introduction to the Far-Out! storyline. Come by the store today to get yours and chat with the creator!