Young Terrorists #1 Rick's Comic City Exclusive Cover

We here at Rick's Comic City have really been loving the new offerings by Black Mask Studios. So much so, that we've been happy to add our logo to several exclusive covers for a number of their books lately. Our latest exclusive cover is for the book Young Terrorists #1.

Written by Matt Pizzolo, with art by Amancay Nahuelpan, Young Terrorist is "chock full of school lockers full of submachine guns, exploding burger shops, shootouts with cops, underground fight clubs and sci-fi porn funding radical militias of furious youth hellbent on seizing their freedom back from… whom? On Main Street everything looks fine, but, just below the surface, America is at war with itself."

All of the store exclusive covers for this book feature an homage to various hardcore hip hop albums. For the Rick's Comic City cover, our homage is to Tupac's 1996 album "All Eyes On Me".

The hip hop variant cover theme is something that Marvel recently announced they were doing as well. When asked in an interview by Comics Alliance, writer Matt Pizzolo said,
"Unlike the Marvel thing, it’s not random. The book is about radical street politics and the sensibility really comes from hardcore hip hop, the book even opens with a Nas quote. So we did the covers as an homage to the types of art that inspired it."
For those that may feel the indy company was stealing an idea from Marvel, Black Mask's hip hop variants were already at the printers when Marvel announced they were doing their own set of covers.
The first issue is on our store shelves now and comes in at a massive 80-pages for the premiere issue. Continuing issues starting with #2 will be back to a normal 32-issue monthly format.

The publisher has also just announced that the first print has already sold out at the distribution level and a 2nd print will be coming to store shelves on 9/16, just in time to pick up Young Terrorist #2.

If you don't live nearby to get your copy from our store, we have several posted on our eBay page. Click the link here to take you right to the page. And don't forget to look for our other Black Mask exclusive covers for the books Disciples #1 and We Can Never Go Home #1, 2 & 3.