New Release: DC Comics Bombshells #1

Based on the very popular line of 1940's inspired variant covers by Ant Lucia, DC Comics is launching the new series DC Comics Bombshells. The new title will be a Digital First series, releasing a new 10-page digital chapter every Saturday, each focusing on one of the DC Heroines. After that, DC will then collect 3 digital chapters together to make their print release available in comic shops a short time later.

The first chapters will be written by Marguerite Bennett with art by Marguerite Sauvage, According to an interview of Marguerite Bennett by Newsarama, in this Earth of the DC Comics Bombshells, the women are the first heroes on the scene before their male counterparts. Each issue will be inspired by 1940s artwork and media. And each heroine will have her own genre. "So Batwoman is this sort of pulpy, 1940s radio serial. Supergirl is a propaganda film. Zatanna is this Hammer horror style thing. Harley Quinn is this Charlie Chaplin-esque farce. Wonder Woman is a war story. Aquawoman is a romance."

The first digital chapter was just released this past weekend and features Batwoman in the first story. You can buy it from our Comixology store here today! The second chapter of the series will be released this Saturday and will continue to be released weekly. Each chapter will be $0.99.

The print edition of DC Comics Bombshell #1 will hit store shelves August 12, and will collect the first 3 digital chapters released, featuring Batwoman, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl. Let us know on your next visit to the store if you'd like to add this series to your Rick's Comic City hold box!