Book Signing with author Rick Heiman on July 22

On Wednesday, July 22 we will have a special in store book signing with local author Rick Heiman. He will be available all day selling and signing copies of his new book, Time Traveler's Rock: Flaming Eagle.

About the author, Rick Heiman:
After nearly twenty-six years of writing different kinds of reports, mostly police reports, I decided to try writing some fiction. It took me a little over a year to come up with a story. It started out as a short story I wrote for my ten-year-old son and then snowballed. It was as if the story was stuck inside me, fighting to get out. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

About the book, Time Traveler's Rock: Flaming Eagle:
It’s 2065, but retired computer programmer James finds himself transported back in time five hundred years. Suddenly he is living the life of a ten-year-old Indian child named Baby Bird. His life is flipped upside down once he is taken away by an uncle he has never met to a village where he is not easily accepted. Here he must learn to build canoes alongside his uncle, while keeping ideas and concepts from the future—his own time—secret. With the help of his uncle, two quiet sisters, an old man, and his new friend Phoenix, Baby Bird slowly finds his place his new home, with a few challenges and adventures along the way, including the ceremonial ritual to become a man. Will Baby Bird find his way back to his own village, and will James return back to 2065?

Time Traveler’s Rock: Flaming Eagle is a story that weaves the past and future together with action and adventure, drawing in children and young adult readers